What To Wear in Unpredictable Spring Weather

What to wear in this unpredictable spring weather

We have had a few beautiful days of sunshine here in the DMV, but the weather sure can’t seem to make up it’s mind! One day we’re out in sundresses and the next we’re bundled back up in our sweatshirts and sweaters. It can be especially hard to dress when the mornings are chilly and the afternoons are blazing. So if you’re struggling to find a balance with what to wear in this in-between spring weather, read on!


Blazers & Denim Jackets-

The secret weapon against chilly mornings and hot afternoons? As simple as it seems, a light jacket is the trick! Our favorites are denim jackets and brightly colored blazers because they are just enough to fight the chill, but also keep your outfit bright and in-season. In the afternoon when it gets a little warmer, just shed the jacket and hook it on your arm. It’s nothing too fussy, and you’ll be surprised at how perfect of an accessory this type of jacket can be!

blazerdenimblazer 2


Don’t be afraid to put on a scarf in the spring. Scarves do great jobs of blocking the wind and are many times the extra “something” to complete your outfit. There are definitely styles you can wear that are spring time acceptable. Instead of your big and bulky winter scarves, wear a lighter one that has a bright pattern on it. Scarves get a bad rap for being a winter time only accessory when they can really be used year round!

scarfff-spring-scarves-02scarf 2 scarf 3

Skinny Jeans-

So you’ve been wearing leggings all winter and now you have no idea what to wear for bottoms and it’s too cold for dresses everyday right? Well colored skinny jeans will be your new best friend! They can be dressed up to look professional or dressed down for a casual outing. Color is pivotal to keeping your outfit looking fresh and spring ready. They’ll keep your legs warm without you having to sacrifice a cute outfit!

green jeans red jeanswhite jeans

Hopefully these ideas will help you combat this awkward weather a little longer until it decides to officially warm up. Do you have any additional tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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