Valentine’s Day Wish List Under $25

By Sarah Sleem

Not feeling the typical flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day this year? We have picked out a few lovely gifts that won’t break the bank.


Personalized Birch Wood Candle Holder $20 – Forget personalized jewelry, this candle holder is so much cuter!



Kate Spade Notebooks $12 –Remember every detail of your magical Valentine’s Day by jotting them down in these adorable notebooks.



Love Charm Bangle $16.99 – A bangle is the perfect gift to drop hints about if your significant other isn’t good at picking out jewelry. It’s simple, pretty, and one size fits all.



“In Your Dreams” Gift Box $23.95 – Who doesn’t love LUSH? This gift box comes with Prince Charming Shower Gel, a Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar, and The Kiss Lip Gloss.


Chainlink Necklace $20 – We love that this can be worn with almost anything, and comes in both silver & gold. For those in long term relationships, there’s nothing wrong with showing your significant other *exactly* what would put a smile on your face. We think they’ll appreciate it!

What is on your Valentine’s Day wish list? Tell us by leaving a comment!

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