Transitioning to Fall Fashion with Ease

By Zahni Jackson-Garrett

Fall is right around the corner and fashionable preparations must be made! It seems like just yesterday we were fed up with winter and dying to dust off our summer shorts. But the time has come. Boot season has arrived and sweaters and chic layers are about to make their comeback. But how does one transition their summer wardrobe to fall, especially when the weather is chronically unpredictable? The key lies in mixing and matching fall and summer pieces, smart layering, and most importantly, having fun!

Here are a seven sure-fire ways to step into fall with ease:

Maxi dresses: The glorious and versatile maxi dress is your best friend during the changing seasons. Pair a maxi with cutoffs for a nice fall touch, or layer with a leather or denim jacket.















Summer Dresses: Adding tights to a summer dress… Do or Don’t? We say, DO! Just be careful. Choose dresses dark in color and try stay away from bright and bold florals. Add a cropped sweater or a cardigan for extra coverage.















Also try pairing a quarter-length sleeve summer dress with tall boots and a big scarf!















Sweater Weather

Find big sweaters with unique details: open backs, an exposed zipper, bar detail, or ones with lace or mesh detail.


Pair your fall sweaters with a lace bralette and shorts.


Or pair them jeans and hi-tops when the days really start getting cooler.


Shorts: They may have been you favorite staple this summer and you don’t have to fold them up just yet. Feel free to pair black or dark-wash denim shorts with black tights and a short bootie until winter comes. Worried you can’t pull off this look? You can! When in doubt, go for sheer tights instead of opaque.


Booties: Cutoffs are a must-have. A brown or beige pair for making your brighter summer pieces last as long as possible into the fall, and a black pair when the cold weather really starts to get serious. You can wear booties with almost any outfit, and they always add a bit of edge!


Scarves: They might just be the most underrated accessories there is. Scarves are perfect when you want a little bit of warmth but aren’t feeling a jacket. Bigger scarves can also double as kimonos or shawls and look great belted.


On the beauty side: Take your nail polish collection to the dark side! Greys, deep greens, and wine hues are the perfect colors to ring in the fall season.


“Master Plan” by Essie is one of our faves!









If you keep these ideas in mind, transitioning to fall with ease will be a no-brainer! Are you looking forward to fall fashion? What fashion guidelines do you swear by during the changing seasons? Let us know in the comments!

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