Thrifty Tuesday: Jewelry You Can DIY For Less

By Sarah Sleem 

Ditch Etsy and get in touch with your creative side by making these cute jewelry items yourself!


I’ve seen agate cuffs priced from $35-$200. Make this simple cuff for much less with this tutorial.


Wire rings run for about $10 (plus shipping), but you can get jewelry wire for $3-$4 at your local craft store. Might as well dig the pilers out of the toolbox and make a whole bunch! Here are just a few cute designs: wrapped bead, chevron knuckle ring, bow ring.


Don’t let the required sewing fool you, this Anthropologie knockoff  is ridiculously easy to make. I made mine for under $20, about half of Anthropologie’s original price.


Feeling confident? Tackle this woven chain necklace!

Are you a crafter? Let us know which fashion items you like to DIY in the comments!

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