The Blanket Scarf: A How to Guide

By Cecilia Twitchell

Now that Christmas has passed and the New Year has arrived, the holiday season is wrapping up, and the feeling is bittersweet. Finding the perfect presents for your friends and family was undoubtedly a bit stressful. Keeping in mind the long hours that you spent finding the perfects presents for your friends and family, they probably did the same for you! So, when one of your girlfriends gives you a beautiful blanket scarf, you just don’t want to fess up and admit that you have no idea how to wear it. Never fear! We’re here to show you the many ways you can wear this scarf. It is the go-to accessory of the season, and you will soon be styling it like a pro!

Blanket Scarf

  1. The Big and Bulky! This is the perfect combination of cute, edgy, and comfy. It’s also one of the easiest; just keep wrapping the scarf in big layers. This style was made for January weather.

Blanket Scarf

  1. Wear it long! Never underestimate simplicity. This look gives off a chic and sophisticated vibe, but is not overly professional. It can be worn as daywear or workwear, and is definitely one of our favorites.

Blanket Scarf

  1. The Knot: This is a tamer version of the big and bulky method. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Just loosely knot the end, put it on, and loop it around your head once more. It’s a quick way to dress up an outfit and add effortless chic to any look!

blanket scarf

  1. And finally…drum roll please…the belted look! This creative way to wear the blanket scarf can completely transform the simplest outfits. This look is chic, fashionable, and totally warm enough for winter weather. Who says have to give up fashion for comfort? Not us!

What’s another go-to winter accessory that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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