Recap: Spring Swap & Shop

So FINALLY, here’s a recap of our Spring Swap & Shop on April 21! Sorry for the quiet but we had a mini family vacay in our old stomping grounds, NYC, the weekend after! I always make it a point to celebrate your successes, so yes, the Spring Swap & Shop was successful, thanks to you! What I loved most about this swap was how everyone got to interact with each other–the swappers with other swappers, the swappers with vendors, the swappers with bloggers, you get the picture. I think it’s the connections we make that make an event even more fun and successful! We also worked very hard to make your swapping experience easier and more enjoyable. We had a drop-off time and no voucher system this time so the lines were nearly non-existent. Our team of volunteers rocked it–the swapping area was SO organized and maintained that it was almost like shopping at the Gap, but with cooler items 😉 Also, I can’t say it enough, but a big THANKS goes out to our sponsors, Goodwill Industries, Fashion Fights Poverty and Pretzel Crisps!

Just to show you how much people enjoyed the Swap & Shop, here are great recaps from blogs Ask Miss ACapital Style, Currently Coveting, Fashion With A Story, and Vogue and Vintage‘s vlog!


And here are a couple pics highlighting the event:

Look at all the clothes so nicely folded

Discerning swappers checking out the clothes

Truly from Miss A and her cute score


Closet Junkie and her fab wares


The glam sisters from SNOBSWAP and me

See ya at the next swap! One is already in the works so stay tuned!

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