Organizing Your Closet for the New Year


Everyone should have a fresh start for the New Year, including your closet. No matter how messy, it’s not a lost cause! Follow these tips and the task will be done in no time.

1) Donate

Any clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year have no reason to be kept around, no matter how pretty they are. Take out all of those and give them a second chance. Also donate anything that does not fit perfectly—a little too small or too big, it needs to go! And, you’ll feel good donating them at the same time!

2) Toss

Worn-out clothes, especially those with major rips and stains, should be thrown out. Don’t tell yourself that you can hide the imperfections or just wear it around the house, trash them and be done with it.

3) Storage

How has the weather been over the past few weeks? What clothes can you not wear out right now? Take out all of those seasonal clothes that you can’t wear and put them in storage boxes. Keep them somewhere in your closet or even in a storage room you may have in your house.

4) Organize

Start small by putting all clothing types together in their own groups (shirts, dresses, pants, etc). If you want to really make a change, organize all of your tops by sleeve length (it’ll make finding things much easier!).

Take these tips and get to it! Let us know about your closet makeover in the comments below.

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