No Smudge, No Problem

By Josselyn Thornton

Trying to wear anything but waterproof mascara when leaving the house is like asking to have black under your eyes by the end of the day. Our eyes keep themselves wet to help us see, and mascara has no sympathy for that.

We did some research and used some personal experience to give you a list of the best mascaras for a no smudge lifestyle. Looking perfect all the time is hard work, ladies, but with makeup being one of the most magical of all the tools, we can handle it.

We found some drug store brands, and some designer brands that get the job done. But ladies, remember, every mascara is different for every person. We all have beautifully different eye shapes and each react differently for smudging, so my advice to you is to try them out. Buy four or five different brands from the drug store and use them. If you don’t like them, give them away to a friend. A couple bucks for a mascara that you know works for you and can now buy every single time isn’t half bad. If you like to wear the designer brands, go to their make up counters and try them out. Wear the mascara around while shopping and if you see it doesn’t smudge, go back and buy it.

Here are my choices on some no smudge, waterproof mascaras.


L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Waterproof Mascara: $9.99

Reviewed by as their number 6 best waterproof mascara for 2014, and this is the only 2-step mascara we will wear. Not messy in application, and it stays on all day. Seriously, all day.





Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara: $25

We are obsessed with Bobbi Brown and have been for six months now and this mascara does the job for me. This mascara gives your lash a natural but full look, and stays on all day long. Sephora gives this mascara a three out of four stars.





M.A.C Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara: $17

M.A.C’s lip colors are what made me check me out, but this mascara is definitely one to look to. This mascara make stour eyes pop, but does flake out on you halfway though the day. Nordstrom gives this mascara a four out of five stars, but it could you be your number one.







We hope these brands work for you, but again ladies, go try them out. Every shoe and dress fits differently for each person; your make up is no different. Do you have mascara brands that we missed? Share them in the comments below!

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