Live from South Moon Under

By Zahni Jackson-Garrett

What began as a surf shack in Ocean City, Maryland in 1968 has grown into a retailer with 22 stores across the east coast. Still privately owned, South Moon Under has no plans of slowing down, and rumor has it that the owners of SMU are in talks with investors! So, if there’s not a South Moon Under close to you, there may be in the near future.

When I applied to South Moon Under for a summer job I had no idea how inspiring the company’s history and philosophy were. All I knew is that I loved their eclectic and well-curated selection of clothes. SMU is one of those stores where almost every item you are drawn to seems like a hidden treasure that it was your destiny to find!

South Moon Under prides itself on building relationships with its customers. As much as I love shopping at retail giants and finding cute clothes on a budget, nothing beats walking into a store like SMU where you know you are a valued customer and can be certain that your shopping experience will be nothing short of amazing. As an SMU employee, I get to see our merchandise every week, and always have my eye on a few pieces! I have put together a list of my absolute favorite items for transitioning from day to night, and beating the summer heat!


The Clarendon, VA store is the flagship store of all 22 SMU locations, which means that we get the most goodies and receive all of the items that are available online. The cherry on top is of course that SMU is currently having its huge annual summer sale!

Are you a South Moon Under fan!? If so, what has been your absolute favorite SMU purchase? Let us know in the comments! And if not, be sure to check out their website, for some major fashion inspiration.

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