How to Shop (a little) Less & Save More



By Dewdrop


Last month, we decided to come to Caroline’s rescue after we read her blog post

about saving money. Caroline made a brave decision to save money by not shopping

(all the time), but didn’t know how to go about it. When she asked us to guest blog,

we were thrilled at the opportunity and thought of crafting a plan to help Caroline

with the challenge.


Caroline’s challenge is every other month for one year, she will spend zero dollars

on shopping. This includes clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, and even

home goods. So, for example, if she wanted to go on a dream vacation worth $1200,

and her monthly shopping budget was $200, she would be able to save up $1200 by

the end of the year! Maybe set up the funds to go to another account or even your

PayPal if you don’t use it that often. Set it and forget it!


This is far less overwhelming than giving up shopping altogether. And we can

probably all admit that we shop more than we need to in the first place.

All you need to kick this challenge’s butt is a little determination and a well-thought

out plan. Choose a theme or a category for each shopping month.


Sample Calendar:

October: that new parka

November: cozy winter staples

January: skincare (because the cold weather is happening!) + makeup

March: new jeans + spring staples

May: shoes, shoes, shoes

July: work-to-going-out wear

September: accessories (both for home + body!)


Definitely doable, right? Another great way to shop on your “on” months is to

embrace going to consignment and thrift stores. We’ve scored a few items from a

Marc Jacobs skirt to a Prada dress, for a quarter of the price!

The key is to keep your eye on the prize. At the end of this challenge, you will have

saved up enough money for your new bag or beach vacation. Who knows, maybe

you’ll get so good at saving that you save up long-term for that Gucci-edition Fiat or

perhaps even a down payment for a condo . . .


We’re with ya every step of the way, Caroline! Are you up for the challenge!?

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