#HouseCrush: Jamberry Nails


We welcome Jamberry as one of our amazing vendors for #HouseCrush, Dewdrop’s very first home décor swap. Jamberry nails is a line of do-it-yourself nail wraps and other nail products that can be applied easily by anyone in their own home. We are excited to have Jana Reese Stover as the official Jamberry consultant at our event this Saturday with her pop-up-shop of Jamberry products.

Jamberry helps fashionistas everywhere keep their nails looking fresh without breaking the bank at typical nail salons. Nail wraps typically last for around two weeks, keeping your nails fresh and fabulous.

The line includes nail wraps that come in a ton of intricate designs as well as classic patterns and solid colors. One of the best things about this product is that it’s nail art made easy! After all, hand-painting beautiful geometric shapes or perfectly straight lines on our nails would require a lot of patience. In addition to nail wraps, Jamberry also offers both regular and gel nail polish, nail care products, and awesome box sets that make great gifts.


Jamberry nail wraps, like these bright pink nails with a plaid accent, will spice up your look any day.  


Unique prints and patterns are also available.

Come visit us this Saturday, February 6th at #HouseCrush to find out more abut Jamberry’s amazing products!

By Liz Provencher

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