#HouseCrush 101: The Boys’ Edition

By Kalonji Brinson

New Year, New Design, New You! This blog post is for all of the men out there who are wondering how exactly their home can live up to the #HouseCrush standard! Ladies, if your boyfriend is moving into a new place, or if his current place needs some improvement, then this little guide might be able to help! What exactly makes a “bachelor bad” house-crush-worthy? Sophistication? Sleek and modern furniture? Maybe! The key to having a #HouseCrushable bachelor pad is the successful expression of personal style…and most men need help with this! Here’s some inspiration for creating new spaces or redecorating old ones. 

For the Kitchen: The stainless steel look is a classic; sleek and sophisticated appliances and countertops can do no wrong. Try adding touches of color with housewares, potted plants, lighting, art, or even display kitchen items like wine bottles or spices to balance out the neutral tones and add some cheer! Bar-stools are great space savers if you’re working with a small space, and they come in fun colors and cool designs.



For the Living Space: Low-maintenance and functionality are key in design. Choosing sleek and modern pieces creates a minimal look, making the living space chic, sparse, and easy to keep neat! The muted sofa and acrylic coffee table peak a modern interest and the red pillows add the perfect touch of color. Pillow power for the win!



For the Bedroom: The tall, dark headboard adds a healthy dose of boldness to the room, and the deep grey wall color is trending this season! This room is the perfect example of the power of details and pillows. The yellow and patterned pillows and the black & white curtains add a bit of color and cheer that perfectly balance out the black and grey tones of the room.headyshmedy


For the Entryway: Bright and minimal is easy and does the trick. The key to a welcoming entryway is the focal point: a big mirror, framed artwork, or a cool work bench. Keep things sparse like the photographed entryway, or add books, knick knacks, or potted plants for a more personal touch.


Don’t be afraid to create a space for yourself that speaks to who you are as a person. Find peace in creating a space that defines you. What do you think gives bachelor pads the #HouseCrush factor? Let us know in the comments and come see us at #HouseCrush on February 6th!

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