Goodwill Industries Week

The first week in May usually has us dreaming of the warm weather ahead and spending as much time as we can outside. But the first week in May also marks the beginning of Goodwill Industries Week.


Most people know Goodwill as the go-to place to donate old items they no longer want. Some thrifty fashionistas know Goodwill as the best place to score a great deal on designer clothes. But what most of us don’t know is that Goodwill Industries uses all their proceeds to help local people find jobs.

Goodwill of Greater Washington’s mission is to provide free job training and employment service to people with disadvantages and disabilities. Their goal is to give the local population they serve the tools they need to be self-sufficient.

This year Goodwill will be opening The Goodwill Excel Center right in our backyard in Washington D.C. The Goodwill Excel Center will be the first adult charter high school to award a high school diploma and industry credentials instead of a GED.

In addition to job services, Goodwill provides the community with quality, low-cost items and acts as one of the region’s largest recyclers.

Here at Dewdrop, we’re proud to have partnered with the Goodwill of Greater Washington on several projects and have received their support since 2011. Most recently we donated the leftover items from our home decor swap, #HouseCrush, to Goodwill. The items were then re-sold at a Goodwill of Greater Washington store where the proceeds were used to help local people.

During Goodwill Industries Week, and during the entire month of May, consider helping your community by donating to your local Goodwill. Your contribution, no matter what size, will help people right next door and all it takes is a quick drop-off. Participate in Goodwill’s celebration by sharing your experience shopping or donating to Goodwill with #sharethegood on social media.
If you’d like to learn more about Goodwill of Greater Washington, find their nearest store or donation center, or get involved, please visit or download their free mobile app from the iTunes app store. To learn more about the Goodwill Excel Center visit

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