Foxy Thursday: Designer Dupes

We all know that sometimes it’s hard to drop $100 at the makeup counter, especially if your a newbie on “Makeup Lane.” So let’s be realistic, your beauty bag should be a mix up of high and low brands. But come on, we all know that the “lower” priced brands are at the drugstore and buying makeup from the drugstore is a hit or miss since you can’t try the products out before hand!

So because we LOVE a good bargain, we have something that will help you with your next makeup purchase. All you need is this list and a little time to visit the MAC counter and then off to your favorite drugstore…CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc.

Well take a look at what we have here! A list of MAC dupes!

 Eyeshadow Dupes- MAC vs. NYX-FINAL

Oh and our favorite is the NAKED palette–it has received some outstanding reviews. Who doesn’t like to save money?! Check out these savings below…your choice, NAKED or Revealed? If you want this NAKED steal by Coastal Scents, move quickly because these palettes sell out quick!


And after you choose your eye shadow palettes you MUST add a little pop on the lips! We all love MAC lipstick but sometimes the price can be a little much if your buying more than one or two or three! You almost always have to mix things up when it comes to your “pucker.”

MAC Makeup Lipstick Dupes

Well FOXY LADIES, we hope this helps you save a bit more but get a bit more for your dime!

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