Foxy Thursday: Luscious Nails


Some women feel naked without wearing lipstick or a particular piece of jewelry, and some women may feel their best when they have freshly painted nails. We, at Dewdrop, love Essie nail polish.

For those of you who aren’t adventurous with nail design and stick to single color coated nails, Essie supplies the best quality for the best price. However, at almost $9 a bottle, it would add up to purchase every new trending color, but adding one or two colors each season will help keep your nail game at its best as your color palettes change with the weather.


Essie’s 2014 Summer (left) and Neon (right) Collections offer a wide selection of summer-trendy colors.





Keep in mind…While expanding your color wardrobe is a priority, it’s also worthwhile to invest in Essie’s collection of nail care products. In leading hectic lives, it’s easy to swipe on a new nail color and run out the door, waving our hands like lunatics hoping they dry in time. However, nail care is extremely important. Our nails may become brittle, weak, and discolored from various causes, including the weather, poor care, and time. Essie has over a dozen products, from top coats to anti-aging formulas, to help nourish and protect our jewels.

“Fill in the Gap” (Anti-Aging) [$10]: Fortified with nutra-keratin and bamboo extract, this base coat fills in ridges and conceals imperfectins

Apricot Cuticle Oil [$8.50]: Provides nourishing moisture for smoother and softer cuticles.

All in One [$10]: Serves as a top coat, base coat and strengthener.


What are your essential Essie colors and products?

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