Fashion Friday: Mad For Metalics

By Sarah Sleem 

Want to make your outfit stand out? Add some eye-catching metalics!


Anthropologie Guincho Sandals $49.95 on sale – The contrast between plain white and metalic gold works so well!



Betsey Johnson Bright Lights Clutch $69.98 on sale – If you don’t think the lightning bolt is enough, order this clutch in citron or fuchsia for an extra pop of color.


Child of Wild Flash Tattoos $30 – This may seem like a bit of money to spend on temporary tattoos, but keep in mind that they can last for up to six days and you receive four sheets. If you’re still not convinced, try Mr. Kate‘s version for only $12.


ASOS Beach Bag $26.68 on sale – This bag is sure to get you a lot of attention at the beach!



Sally Hansen Color Foil $6.99 – This polish comes in ten different colors, so you can go with a typical metalic like gold or push the envelope with a more unusual metalic color.


Anthropologie Playing Cards $18 – Everyone needs a pack of playing cards for the summer, why not make sure yours stands out?

Leave us a comment letting us know how you like to add metalics to your outfits!

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