Fashion Friday: Get the look for less

Look Fabulous Without Breaking Your Budget With This Awesome Dress!

By Kristen Booth

It’s no secret that we all love looking like a million bucks. However, unfortunately for us, we don’t all have “a million bucks” laying around to spend on a fabulous outfit… So, today we have an amazing dress from Lilly Pulitzer that is perfect for a girls night out, or even a date night with someone special! BTW, what a departure this is from her brightly colored printed dresses!

The only thing that isn’t perfect about it? The price tag! Priced at $188, it isn’t the most expensive dress we are lusting after these days, but, we’re sure you know what we mean, but we’d like for the *whole* outfit to be that much, along with a brunch and/or some drinks, too!

Our solution? This almost identical dress from Tobi!

Tobi Tulips Are Better Than One Dress - Fashion Friday, Look For Less

Coming in at only $48, the Tulips Are Better Than One dress available online at Tobi is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Not only will you look amazing, but with all the money you’ll have left over, you could even get a new pair of shoes or some awesome jewelry to go along with your ensemble for the evening!

What do you think?

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