Decorating Faux-pas to Avoid in 2016

By Kalonji Brinson

The New Year brings new beginnings, especially when it comes to transforming the space you live in! Now is the time to embrace new home décor trends, try fun DIY projects, try out a bold paint color, get rid of old and unused items, and invest in a few new ones. Remember that they key to having a #HouseCrush home is to decorate with care! Here are a few decorating faux-pas to avoid in 2016.

Don’t Overload on Throw Pillows



Throw pillows are powerful. They can absolutely transform a room by adding the perfect pop of color or by throwing an interesting pattern into the mix. But the power of pillows goes away if they are not used sparingly. We know…it’s easy to get carried away and pick up one or two new pillows every time you’re out shopping. But once you have a collection of throw pillows in one room, they take on a cluttered look. As a rule of thumb, only buy a new pillow if you’re willing to part with an old one.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Lighting


Even the most beautiful of room in your home can be disillusioned by poor lighting. Place emphasis on natural light to bring out the best of any space. If you’re working with a small space use mirrors to help create light and make the space look bigger.

Handle Art with Care


Don’t Forget the 3 #HouseCrush P’s! Picture, Placement, and Perfection! You’ve found the perfect piece of artwork, paired it with the perfect frame, and now it’s time to hang it at the perfect height. The center of the image should be at eye level, around 57 or 58 inches — lower than most people expect. If you’re thinking of putting together a gallery wall, you not only need to be thoughtful of the height of the images but also of the layout as a whole. Create a mock up of where each image will go before you start putting nails in the wall.


Use Decorative Paint with Discretion


Use discretion with decorative paint elements. Patterned wallpaper and metallic designs should enhance the room, but not dictate it. Try embracing decorative elements by creating an accent wall rather than a whole room.

Don’t be a Home Décor Hoarder

It can be hard to get rid of belongings that have sentimental value even if they’ve outgrown their purpose. It’s equally tough to part with items that you invested in but that never quite worked out the way you’d hoped. Getting rid of these types of items is necessary to prevent clutter and to make way for new items as well. Be honest with yourself and sort out the pieces you can really use, and get rid of the rest by donating them or participating in a home décor swap like #HouseCrush.

What do you think gives a home the #HouseCrush factor? Let us know in the comments and come visit us at #HouseCrush on February 6th!

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