DC Gives Back: Spotlight on Suited for Change

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By Kristen Booth

Suited For Change, a local Washington, D.C. nonprofit, is an organization that helps women of low socioeconomic status get back on their feet and into the workforce by helping them not only get professional clothing, but also by providing them with the education as well as life and work skills that they need to get themselves going.  Their services are provided to any woman who is within a certain low-income range and who is actively seeking employment.  The goal of the organization is not only to help these ladies obtain a job, but to help them retain it for an extended period of time.


The organization is broken down into two main departments: the suiting program and the workshop series.  The suiting program is where the women participating in the organization receive clothing to wear for interviews and their first days of work.  Through this program, they are provided with two outfits that are appropriate for them to wear to interviews, along with matching accessories and shoes; and then they also receive three additional professional outfits along with matching accessories and shoes, giving them a full week’s worth of clothes for them to wear when they start working.  The other half of the organization is made up of a series of workshops that are available to the ladies in need. These workshops are offered throughout the community and teach women a variety of different skills that they will need in their working life, such as: professionalism and managing conflicts in the workplace, self-advocacy skills (i.e. negotiating salary and understanding human resources departments), and also general life skills (i.e nutrition and financial literacy). The educational sessions usually last between 60 and 90 minutes and are available to any woman who is a part of the Suited for Change organization.


Is this an amazing organization or what?! It is around the holidays that we often think about how lucky we are to have the things we do, and it is times like these that we take a moment or two to be thankful for all that we have and even give back in some way, whether it is donating gifts to children in need or volunteering at a soup kitchen or shelter. Don’t get us wrong, we thing it is absolutely amazing that we are doing these things during the holiday season, but the ladies who run this fabulous organization are not just helping others during one time of the year, they are donating their time and resources to help the local women in need all year long, and that is something that deserves a lot more than the recognition we are giving them here today.

There are a ton of local businesses and organization that do a lot to give back to the DC community, and Suited for Change is one of these fantastic organizations. Do you have a favorite store or nonprofit that does a lot for the community and you feel deserves a shoutout for all their hard work? Let us know by commenting below!

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