Crop Tops and Festival Season

By Josselyn Thornton

It seems to have happened overnight, but instead of bundling up in layers before we head out the door, we are now stripping down to shorts and crop tops. Spring is here, and spring means festival time.

Coachella, Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, CounterPoint, and so many other festivals are gracing these beautiful United States. Musical line-ups that have been blowing minds for years now, are also the biggest spot for new fashion trends and styles. The biggest fashion trends are also the smallest item of clothing.

Three to four days sweating in the sun calls for outfits that are comfortable and light, and the crop top is the most ideal. Coming in every shape, color, size and texture, and offered at every store under the sun, they are the item that can make and complete almost any look.

Crop tops in basic colors will be the staple item for your festival getaway. Pair it with high waisted shorts, high top classic Converse, some jewelry, and your outfit will look stylish and comfortable.

Can’t find a crop top that fits you right? Take an old t-shirt, cut the bottom to the shortness you’d like, distress them with some scissors, and you have the perfect, one of a kind crop top, fit to you.

Even celebrities joined the crop top bandwagon at festivals and on the streets. Miley Cyrus wears a white crop top in one of our favorite ways. That flannel isn’t just for fashion, because when the sun sets, it is the perfect jacket.

Crop tops are the festival go to. Inexpensive, an easy DIY and come on, who doesn’t feel like they can rule the world in one of those? So after you purchase those festival tickets, and give your pocket a break (festival tickets aren’t cheap), raid your closet for that t-shirt or hit the sales online or in stores, and go crazy.

No matter the days, the heat has nothing on you and your festival wardrobe.

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