#HouseCrush 101: How to Make the Most of Small Spaces

By Liz Provencher

Living in the city, we’re often crammed into tiny apartments. Since most of us city dwellers would never give up the hustle and bustle of city life for more space, we absolutely have to make the most of the space we do have! Here is a guide to making the most out of tiny spaces, and turning even the smallest apartment into a total #HouseCrush.

Think Vertically (and Horizontally!)

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, chances are you struggle with storage space, as well. One solution to this problem is to think upward; use all of the wall space you can. Consider tall vertical shelves, or a tall bookcase! And don’t forget that decorations can be vertical too; try creating a mini gallery wall or choose a few pieces of art and place them in a column. 


In terms of horizontal space, make use of the space beneath your bed and under the couch to store items you don’t need quick access to, like out-of-season clothes or luggage. This will cut down on clutter by leaving more room in your closet for items that you use everyday.

Separate Work and Play

If you tell someone who lives in the city that you have a home office, they will experience major envy. The luxury of the home office simply does not exist in most city apartments. Thank goodness stores like Ikea and West Elm have sleek and functional desks that can fit perfectly into the nooks and crannies of your apartment. Carly Heitlinger, from the College Prepster, had an awesome nook desk in her NYC apartment that screamed #HouseCrush. Check it out on her Apartment Tour post and get inspired to create your own!


Use Curtains to Create “Rooms”

If you’re in a studio apartment, use room dividers or even a curtain to separate your bedroom from the living area. You’ll instantly feel like you have more space, and being separate from other parts of the apartment will create a greater sense of privacy, making falling asleep just a little easier! 


Don’t Forget About the Outdoors

Most city slickers who have the luxury of outdoor space usually use it for less than luxurious purposes. Instead of enjoying the balcony, patio, or small deck, most people are forced to use their outdoor space for even more storage, filling these areas with bikes or other large items.

#HouseCrush #HouseCrush

If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space, try to create a tiny oasis. Invest in a small table and chairs for outdoor dinners or morning coffee. If you are really short on space, simply adding potted plants or flowers will brighten the mood and transfer positive energy indoors!

Are you living in a tiny apartment? If so, how do you make the most of your space? Let us know in the comments!

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