Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Home

We’re not sure about you, but seeing the trees spring to life has made our green thumbs run rampant. You can’t help but want to be surrounded by the lush greenery all the time, even indoors. It can be a little tricky to bring plants inside and keep up your trendy decor, but we have thought up some creative tips that surpass basic potted plants. So if you’re like us and would like some helpful suggestions on how to bring the outdoors into your home, read on!

Kitchen herb garden

Growing some simple herbs in your kitchen is a perfect way to bring some green into your home. They smell delicious and there’s something satisfying about cooking with ingredients you’ve grown yourself. Putting them in mason jars or teacups  keeps them looking cute and on trend. You can even put together an easy DIY shelf to display them properly and really make them not only ingredients but apart of your decor. Herbs like thyme, rosemary, sage, dill, and basil grow quickly and are low maintenance. Pick some up at your local produce/flower stand!


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Old dresser shelving

A very cute and original idea to display your plants is to refurbish an old dresser and use the drawers as shelving. You can keep the whole dresser or just expertly place the drawers by themselves. This is a creative way to incorporate greenery into your decor. They aren’t just potted plants that sit in a corner, they make a statement. All of your friends will want to copy the idea!


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Hanging planters

An exciting alternative to your everyday hanging planter is to use glass globes that you can find in home furnishing stores like West Elm, Pier 1 or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You might already own one, they are a common and popular piece of decor. Fill them with any flower or herb you want and they will look dazzling in every room in your home! This idea is perfect for a subtle touch of the outdoors.


Have you come up with any other creative ideas to bring plants into your home? Tell us in the comments below!



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