#HouseCrush: Audrey Kate Design & Staging

Audrey Kate Design & Staging


Dinna Eckstein is the master artist behind Audrey Kate Design & Staging. Mrs. Eckstein will be the guest speaker at #HouseCrush, Dewdrop’s first ever home décor swap event. She will be giving homeowners and fashionistas the scoop what it takes to have a fabulously decorated home.

Dinna is a well known interior designer in the D.C. area. She created Audrey Kate Design & Staging to help fellow fashionistas create their dream homes. If you head over to her Facebook page (Audrey Kate Design & Staging) you will see a quote that perfectly sums up her design theory: “I believe that you need to implement accessories that are a part of your story and not just pieces you bought from a store. Your home is like a book, the story is told by your decorating and design, but the accessories are your highlighted sentences.”

Please join us as we welcome Dinna Eckstein to the Dewdrop team for #HouseCrush! Below are some before and after pics of Dinna’s work. This will give all of you fashionistas out there an idea of what your house could look like with Dinna’s help!

Have lots of books sitting around that you want to look more fabulous? Check out what Dinna did with her book shelves! She spruced them up by adding picture frames, turning the spines away from the wall, and incorporating cute trinkets throughout.










Have dead space that you are not sure what to do with? Check out how Dinna has transformed these spaces from drab to fab!





Dewdrop is excited to host Audrey Kate and a host of other wonderful vendors at #HouseCrush on Saturday, February 6th!

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