9 Seriously Smart Tips for Home Decor on a Budget


By guest blogger Caroline Downing of Little Bitty City One


I moved into my first place almost exactly a year ago, but had started planning the

aesthetic of how I wanted it to look long before that, surrounded by more home

goods than anyone would ever need, working at Pier One. I had a $1000 budget to

completely decorate and furnish my room- and I stayed completely in that budget

with some crafty planning. Are you looking to create or redesign your space? I have

some tips for you.


1. Dollar/ discount store treasure hunting is so worth it. My “perfume tray” is

actually a platter from the dollar store, and my necklaces are hanging from a

locker-sized corkboard from Big Lots that I painted to match my room!


2. Never buy anything full-price. Really. One of the things I learned working in

retail is that sales are never-ending and cyclical, and more often than not,

salespeople will be more than happy to answer your questions about when/

if a particular item is going on sale. And don’t even get me started on

clearance! Some of my favorite art is from the clearance section at Pier One!


3. If you’re looking to furnish a whole room, or even more, I suggest getting a

credit card where you earn rewards back. Buy the bed, use rewards points to

get the bed set! Macy’s has a great reward system, for example; just make

sure you pay down your cards in a timely manner.


4. I cannot stress candles enough. In my opinion, a space is not home without

one or two candles to warm it up. This is an easy way to personalize using all

of your senses for very little money, and really make a space your own.


5. Use storage that doubles as art or extra seating, killing two birds with one



6. Collect odds and ends as they come to you. I found gorgeous mismatched

candle sticks at an after-Christmas sale. I bought them and put them away

until I needed them.


7. If you have something particular in mind that you want to spice up your

space, chances are you can and will find it- maybe after a little digging, for

amazing prices. I knew I wanted a certain print, and I found exactly what I’d

imagined on Etsy. Etsy is everything. Ev. Er. Y. Thing. (Bonus tip: CVS sells

very inexpensive black frames in standard sizes)


8. Stick to your budget and go in knowing what you’re looking for. You can

always add little touches later on a whim, but as far as furniture, know

exactly what you need and what will work for your space.


9. Get inspired! My bedroom idea was loosely based on Alice in Wonderland-

the antique version. Aqua, black + white, and pops of red. It’s not theme-y,

but it helped give me some direction when shopping for art and accessories.


The main point is just be prepared before you decorate. Know your esthetic, know

what you want to spend, and know what pieces you need. What are your decorating



Visit Caroline’s blog: http: littlebittycityone.com

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