10 Easy Steps on How to Swap

1)      Go through your closet and find whatever clothes/shoes/accessories you no longer wear.

2)      Bring them to the swap. It’s a good idea to bring a sturdy bag because you can use that same bag for items you pick from the swap.

3)      You can drop-off your clothes at any time. But come early if you can—we’re giving away swag bags to the first 50 guests!

4)      At the door, your clothes will be counted. Items with holes/stains/pilling will be put in the donation pile and won’t be counted as a swappable item.

5)      You will get a voucher with the number of items you brought in that are swappable.

6)      Your clothes/shoes/accessories will be put on tables and clothing racks, along with items from other swappers.

7)      Start having fun swapping! You can swap for as long as you want, you just can’t get more than the number of items you brought in. We stamp you when you leave so you can come back with more items if you want to swap some more!

8)      Present your voucher when you check out. We will count the number of items you got and check it against the voucher.

9)      Shop at our Pop-Up Shop for that special piece that would complete your new-to-you wardrobe!

10)   Enjoy your new-to-you, fabulous wardrobe!

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